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AVAL KT- 17 Primer

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AVAL KT- 17 Primer

Improves setting conditions of mortars – contributes to reaching their expected parameters.
Strengthens the surface of primed mineral substrates – permeates the surface, strengthens it and strengthens and improves its load capacity.
Prevents retention of excessive amount of water from the layer applied upon the substrate – limits the absorption of the substrate. The main characteristics • unifies substrate absortiveness
• strengthens the substrate
• under screeds and subfloors
• under adhesives, renders, finishing coats and paints
• high yield The main parameters • consumption: 0.05 – 0.2 kg/1 m²
• very short drying time – the finishing layers can be applied already after 2 hours

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Very short drying time – the finishing layers can be applied already after 2 hours.
Solvent-free – it is manufactured on the basis of a water dispersion of acrylic resin.
Non-saponifiable during application.
Transparent after drying.
Vapour permeable.
Inflammable – can be used in premises without windows.

AVAL KT 17 is a priming emulsion manufactured on the basis of the highest quality water based acrylic dispersion. It is a priming paint of setting characteristics: maximum content of VOC in the product is 1.92 g/l, the maximum allowable content of VOC is 30 g/l.
Density of the ready-to-use product
ca. 1.0 g/cm³
Substrate and ambient temperature during works
from +5°C up to +30°C
Readiness for further works after priming
after 2 hours

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